Monday, October 22, 2018

Mystic Weather Forecaster

I found this "Mystic Weather Forecaster" in the basement of an estate sale recently, passed over by everyone else.  I thought it was cute and kitschy.  The pink screams 1950's, but it could be later.

The idea is that when the weather is nice, the children come out; when rain is expected, the witch comes out.

It would appear this tableau is representative of "Hansel and Gretel".

The best part of it is hidden within the house itself.  The insert has very Halloween-esque decorations that aren't even visible when the insert is in place.

The "mystic" behind the house is actually a string of catgut (no actual cats were harmed in the making of Mystic Weather Forecaster, but a goat or sheep may be missing an intestine) that shrinks in dry humidity causing it to rotate and pull the witch back into the house while the children run out to play.  High humidity causes the string to expand forcing the witch out and pulling the children in.

I've had it hanging in my house for about a month and I'd say at best it's 50/50.  It probably doesn't work well in a climate-controlled house.

Similar weather forecasters can still be purchased on Amazon.


  1. oh wow, i remember these. didn't realize how/why they worked though (YUCK). the illustration is really great! you would think they'd put some sort of attention to detailing the figures as well. i mean, some paint or *something*...!

    1. Yeah, the interior that you can't see is the best part.

  2. That is so cool!! The figures are very unique

  3. Wow, you find some really Rare Vintage Halloween Treasures!


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