Saturday, October 27, 2018

Mr. Blinky

I found this Mr. Blinky glow lamp a few years ago. I don't believe I've posted on it before, but if I have, here's a refresher.

He's made by Blinky Products who are still in business, however, they no longer appear to sell glow lamps, just plastic Trick or Treat buckets and cauldrons.

And Halloween will be here and gone in a blink (see what I did there?), so be sure to jump over to the Countdown and haunt a few blogs while you still can!


  1. how big is this? is that an actual lamp cord? it would be cool if it was desk-lamp sized, and not nightlight sized.

    1. It's a foot tall. It's lit by one of those typical Christmas style small light cords (night light bulb).


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