Monday, October 8, 2018

Marvel(ous) Treats Trading Cards

I found these Halloween trading cards, based on popular (as of 1991) Marvel Comics characters, some years back.  I forgot I had them until I started going through some old boxes recently. These were intended to be handed out in lieu of sweets.

Spidey says, "Whoa there, Drac and Undead Raggedy Ann. Don't you see the red light?"

Based upon Cap's disproportionately large thigh, huge right glove and hidden feet, I would guess this to be the work of Rob Liefeld.

That's right, kids. Be sure to inject whatever's in that hypodermic needle that bum on the street threw in your treat bag into your arm. It'll give you super powers!

I'm not so sure these "Safety Hints" are that realistic (or helpful).

Who are these safety hints aimed at? So far, we've had warnings to wear your helmet when driving your motorcycle and yielding to pedestrians when driving your car. How old are these Trick or Treaters?!

I guess Wolverine's claws would come in handy around pumpkin carving time.

And finally, perhaps the most Halloween-appropriate character in the set, Ghost Rider.  This is the only artist-signed card of the set and it appears to be Jim Lee and (Scott?) Williams.

"...real fire can be a danger to everyone when not used properly!" So don't light your hair on fire in an attempt to look like Ghost Rider, ya little idjit!

The National Safe Kids and Impel printed other, perhaps more Halloween-appropriate, cards as well as detailed here.


  1. I would have been so disappointed to get a bag full of these and not candy as a kid. I always hated getting pennies or apples or pencils. Candy - that's what I wanted!

    1. I kind of liked the variety. Comics, Wacky Packages, Wowe-e Whistles were all welcome.

    2. See I loved getting cards! I remember one year somebody handed out Grease movie cards so cool! But don't get me wrong I loved candy as well.

  2. i wonder who had the job writing these. oof.

  3. CHARLIE BROWN (upon receiving a "The Thing" card): "I got a rock...guy!"


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