Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Blinky Skull

This Blinky Glow Lite blow mold skull was a find from last year.  Apparently, I never got around to posting it, so good news, now I can.


Made by Blinky Products in the early '90's, this is a little out of my "vintage" window (despite being nearly 30 years old), but I thought it had a classic look.  Here is the original packaging, unfortunately, not mine.

I actually passed up another Blinky Glow Lite product not once, but twice after seeing it 2 years in a row at a garage sale at the same home.  It was this Jack O' Lantern version below.  I thought it was too cute for me, but I kind of regret not getting it now, especially since it was still in the original package.

Image via eBay

Blinky made one other similar Glow Lite that I've been able to find, this witch silhouetted by the moon which I would definitely pick up if I saw.
Image via Worthpoint


  1. i think that witch is my favorite of the three, for sure. great silhouette! maybe some day you will find one.

  2. I like the blinky witch moon too.


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