Sunday, October 11, 2020

Halloween Slicks -- Banners

Continuing from yesterday's theme, today I bring you more vintage advertising slicks. These templates allowed customers to choose a themed layout for their store's advertising.

Today we look at banners.  Those eye-catching headline grabbers that get you to look at the full ad.

It was the early 70's.  "Sit ins", "Love ins", and I guess, "Spook ins".


  1. I like "It's Halloween", "Spooky Supplies", and "Pumpkin Patch".

  2. omg the font used for "It's No Trick!" and "it's in the bag!" -- Hobo -- haunts my dreams. i know that people like to heap scorn on Comic Sans, but Hobo may be the pregenitor to that scorn, for me. Also, "Hot Buys!" just doesn't scream "halloween" to me. maybe more like fourth of July, or something.

    1. I never understood the scorn for Comic Sans. I guess because it was so overused in the early days of the internet. Guilty as charged--my first web site used it. I guess the Hot Buys implies a deal with the Devil?

  3. Nice stuff. Like the "It's Halloween..." one the best.

  4. yeah, that's why: it was overused, and particularly for inappropriate things, like resumes. it's a font intended for comic book text, not your quarterly annual report! at least the usage of it has died down now.


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