Friday, October 2, 2020

Miss Match -- A Horror Story

Today's Garage Sale Find may be on the extreme periphery of Halloween, but all dolls are haunted, right?

This 1970's "Miss Match" comes from the fine folks at Uneeda.


She's soft, cuddly and floppy.  Like a line torn from a Dolly Parton song, Miss Match wears her coat of many colors proudly.

"Floppy" doesn't even make the cut for the side of the box.

Uneeda went to a lot of effort to write that copyright notice.  I don't think they had any reason for concern someone would steal this design.

"All I want is a friend of my own, so won't you please pick me up and take me home?" Miss Match asks (although you wouldn't know it by the punctuation on the box.)

Miss Match's pleas fell on deaf ears.  In the end, the child who received her didn't even take her out of the box.  I wonder if she even thanked Grandma.  Okay, maybe the giver wasn't a grandma.  But this seems like something a grandma would buy for her granddaughter convinced she'd love it.  "Grandma, I'm 15 years old now..."

Sorry Uneeda, she didn't Needa.


  1. Is she worth anything being unused in the original box? Perhaps demand is about as high as it was in 1970 - meaning not very high.

    1. You are correct. Demand in '70's=Demand in 2000's. I actually put her on eBay and didn't get so much as a nibble. I ended up donating her. Hopefully, she found a home.

  2. How sad, I know my sister had one and pretty sure we just donated one that my wife had. I think the patch work had her competing against Holly Hobbie maybe?

    1. That's probably a good guess, Bob. Wow, there were 2 others of these out there?!

    2. must have been a midwest thing lol


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