Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Oooooo ooo, Witchy Woman

 This witch has seen better days, but she was unique and not like other candles I've seen.

She has no markings nor paper seal on the bottom to identify her source.  She's not a Gurley. She could well be homemade.

My first inclination was to paint her, but my wife felt she looked good as is.  So thus she will stand.

And she shall stand among her Witch candle sisterhood.  I've previously blogged her two friends.  The middle is a Gurley and the one on the right a Suni.

There were two goals with this post.  To show the diversity of witch candles and to get The Eagles' "Witchy Woman" earworm into your head. Let me know how I did.


  1. as for me, "witchy woman" is often in my head anyway, lol. i do like the candle as-is. i also appreciate how she is not your typical cutesy cartoon-style witch.

  2. I like that the candle is not as cutesy. She would fit far better into my Halloween decor. Now, lets see a video of you belting out Witchy Women. That could be a countdown to Halloween classic.


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