Saturday, October 24, 2020

Halloween Ads -- Leftovers

Today will be the final installment of my Halloween advertising slicks (collective sigh heard throughout all blogdom).  Today, I'll focus on some of the full pages with some closeups and a general house clearing of the leftovers. Enjoy!


We're open later than you think, and so is the Countdown to Halloween.  So why not stop on by and see whoooooo's been blogging.


  1. candy apples -- now THERE'S a throwback. i never cared for them back then, and they are unthinkable now. the thing is, i get the flavor profile, and i like it, but actual physicality of EATING one? no thank you. braces killed what pleasure could be had there long ago.

    so, are you doing your annual all-out decorating, and handing out candy and all that? we have decided not to -- with covid numbers spiking in our county (highest in the state), it's just not right to encourage this sort of thing right now, i think. we might brave strolling to our corner bar later in the night to hoist cocktails, socially-distanced and masked, in salute of Nevada Day, but even that is not for certain. such is oct. 31st in 2020, i guess!

    1. Yeah, I remember having a candy apple when I was a kid and it just stuck to my teeth and I didn't enjoy it. I do still like caramel apples.
      I am decorating this year, but not sure if I'll get it all out. The weather hasn't been cooperative. I will be handing out, but we'll see how many kids show up.


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