Saturday, October 3, 2020

Spook House -- Digging through a Load of Sheet...Music

Sheet music is something I sometimes find myself thumbing through at estate sales.  If there's a piano or organ in the home, you can guarantee there's a huge stack of sheet music gathering dust (or mold) somewhere.

I say "sometimes I find myself thumbing through" because usually the stack is so daunting, I pass on it. But occasionally I will look to see if there are any interesting covers.  

While this piece isn't quite a thrilling as last year's "Carbarlick Acid Rag", it's a fun cover with cute lyrics.  From 1977, it's "Spook House".

Things are dark and hard to see, stumbling all around.

Creepy, crawly things are here lying on the ground.

Spider webs and icky stuff hanging in the air.

I sure hope that I don't get any in my hair!

Spooky goblins, ghosts and things making shrieks and moans.

Skeletons and monsters peer up from piles of bones.


  1. We used to sing all sorts of fun Halloween songs when I was a child in school in the 1970's. This remind me of some of those.

  2. halloween is one of those holidays that just doesn't have any "traditional" music. i mean, sure, there's "the monster mash," which is sort of considered traditional now, but other than that... what is there? i guess i personally would include the music from tim burton's "Nightmare Before Christmas" (This is Halloween! Everybody make a scene! Everybody scream, everybody SCREAM!), but that's about it.

    1. The epitome of Halloween music to me is Vince Guaraldi's "Great Pumpkin Waltz". For non-traditional, I'll listen to Warron Zevon's "Werewolves of London", "Thriller", and Alice Cooper's "Feed my Frankenstein".

    2. oh my, how could i forget those? i blame lack of morning coffee. yes, those are good. for that matter, Edgar Winter's "Frankenstein" as well.


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