Thursday, October 14, 2021

Are You Out of Your Gourd?

These two gourd-heads remind me of the anthropomorphic vegetable people that were once associated with Halloween.

They are actually salt and pepper shakers.

At the same sale I found these, they also had these two. I passed on the carrot tops.

As I mentioned, anthropomorphic vegetables beyond pumpkins used to be associated with Halloween and are often seen on turn-of-the-20th-century postcards.  Some examples:

I've seen these salt and pepper shakers attributed to the 1930's, but I believe they are more likely from the 1950's.  There appear to be quite a few varieties.

I've displayed my two Squash-noggins with the witch mold I wrote about yesterday.  I like to pretend these Hansel and Gretel wannabes wandered into her reach and because the witch has turned vegan, were transformed into something more palatable.  Into the oven, you two.


  1. Those are very cute. I love their big rolling eyes. Great find - I got to start going to more garage sales.

  2. didn't people used to carve jack o'lanterns out of turnips and other vegetables, before we all just decided that the pumpkin was the best option? i think that's where the anthropomorphic veggies came from. love those vintage graphics, and the S&P shakers are great. i would've picked up all four, because i hate to break up groups of things, especially when they are someone's collection. i recently got a couple gorgeous vintage suitcases that i didn't really need because my friend wanted two of a four piece set, and i just couldn't stand leaving the other two. at least if one of us happens to need four pieces for a big trip, we both know where to get the matching pieces, haha.

    1. >didn't people used to carve jack o'lanterns out of turnips and other >vegetable
      Yes, I've heard turnips and other root vegetables were used in Ireland and Scotland originally.
      > i would've picked up all four
      Yeah, I'm kind of kicking myself for not getting those carrot heads too. I went back on 50% day and they were gone.


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