Saturday, October 16, 2021

Candy Stoppers

These two candy stoppers (or toppers if you prefer) likely came stuck into one of those clear tubes filled with the knock-off M&M candies.  These date from the 1970's.

It almost looks like the Jack O' Lantern was intended to also be used as a bank, although it could only hold less than a dollar's worth of pennies in it.

Both toppers are marked "Made in Hong Kong".  Additionally, the Jack O' Lantern topper is marked "R.T.C. Chicago".  It's possible that's either the candy company or the plastics company that made this.  I was unable to identify the company.


  1. it probably WAS intended to be a bank! didn't you ever trick or treat, asking for pennies for UNICEF?

    1. Excellent point. It might hold a good number of dimes.

    2. omg, i should've said dimes! pennies were definitely a boomer window. by our time, pennies and dimes were probably more de rigeur. and quarters from the wealthy people!


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