Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Gurley Bleeding Skull Candles

I've written about Gurley candles in previous years' posts, here and here.  One of the harder to find, not to mention perhaps a bit more controversial candle were their bleeding skull candles.

I found this one, already burned and bled at a garage sale about a month ago. 

As suggested by its name, as it burns, a red wax runs down the skull giving the appearance of blood.

The burn hole gives an appearance of a rather large entrance wound.

I've looked for years for this bleeding skull and was happy to get even an burned one.  Then while at an estate sale this past weekend, my wife came walking up to me with this:

While digging in a box of Christmas decorations, she found this still sealed Bleeding Skull candle.  It's in beautiful condition.

The wick, when lighted, spills the blood.

These bleeding skull candles were produced in the 1970's, and possibly carried into the 1980's.  They were a sharp contrast to the other candles Gurley offered.


  1. Wow - great find. New in the plastic is always cool. I have never burned a bleeding skull before - burned bleeding candles but from what I can remember, they were a mess.

  2. very nice! gotta give props to whoever it was that came up with this idea. it's a perfect use of different-colored candle wax. the effect is great!

  3. Looks super creepy in that condition.

    1. I agree. Nice to have a before and after verison.

  4. I have not seen one of these in ages. I cannot even find the tapers that "bled". Great finds for you!

    Your Crypt Keeper, Michelle

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Michelle, and thanks for all you do for the Countdown!


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