Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Book Me

I've written before about my penchant for children's literature.  Reading children's books is a small investment of time and thought and brings back memories of the books of my youth.

I went to a garage sale about a month ago that had boxes and boxes of library books for sale.  After talking with the seller, he explained he and his wife were at an auction and thought they were bidding on 1 box of children's books only to discover after they won it was actually 17 boxes.  They picked out the books they wanted for their children and were selling the rest.

I dug through and grabbed every haunted house and ghost story I could find.

While these books are considerably after my time, I thought I'd give them a chance.

Here's where you come in.  View the cover and read the synopsis of the books below and tell me which book I should read first.  By the way, it wasn't until I scanned these books that I discovered 3 were written by the same author, Betty Ren Wright who specialized in ghost stories.

I'll read the winning book and write a review of it, hopefully by Halloween.

"A Ghost in the House" Betty Ren Wright 1991

"Haunted Summer" Betty Ren Wright 1996

"The Ghost in Room 11" Betty Ren Wright 1998

"The Haunting of Stratton Falls" Brenda Seabrooke 2000

"Ghost at the Window" Margaret McAllister 2002

There you have it.  Which shall it be?


  1. The Haunting of Stratton Falls.

    And on a side note, steer clear of aunts. Apparently, aunts are involved in 60 percent of hauntings...at least based on these five books.

  2. I like the sound of the last one, mostly because I love Scotland and it always seems haunted. I agree with John - Aunts are bad news.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Oh, I misunderstood your comment about agreeing with John. So your vote is for "Ghost at the Window". A split decision!

  3. The kids faces on the Haunted Summer cover are frightening enough!

    1. That's one vote for "Haunted Summer". I may have to pick a random number.


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