Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Blinky Lite Bonanza

Years ago, 6 to be exact, I blogged about these Blinky Jack O' Lantern flashlights.  These are fairly common and date from the late 1980's and up. Simply twist the top and they light.

I found this similar witch blinking flashlight some years back.

But this post isn't a rehash of those previously found items.  It's about these.

Just a few weeks ago, I found this Blinky Skull Lite at a garage sale among a bunch of other vintage Halloween items.

This dates probably from the 1980's.  It looks great lit up.

In addition to the glowing skull, the light beam shines through a hole in the top of the skull to provide illumination to Trick or Treater's walking paths.

If that wasn't enough, I literally lost my own skull when I found this mixed in a box of various holiday decorations.

This is a Halco STILL SEALED Frankenstein Blinky Lite!!!!

It was bought at Sappington Garden Shop for the sum of $1.99.  Based on the label, I initially felt this was an older piece, 1960's or 1970's, but the price alludes to a later date, which could still be possible if it was old store stock sold at a later date.

I've only found one other example in all of the internets and it's an opened one. But it does show the physical makeup of the flashlight.


  1. love that pink skull model. i kind of think i remember these. do you think you have them all now? or are there mummy, wolfman, and dracula models out there somewhere, taunting you?

    1. There's an owl, ghosts and different colored skkulls. Other monster models would have been really cool.

  2. Love these, would be cool to use them as like window candles.

  3. Wow - looks like you won the Blinky light lottery with that Frankenstein.

    1. Yeah, I think it's pretty cool. Of course, I'm easily amused. :)


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