Sunday, October 3, 2021

Beistle Creeping Cat

At the same sale where I found yesterday's die cut, I found this Beistle creeping cat.

He's a little worse for wear, but part of the $5 lot, so definitely worth it.  And it was a $5 lot.  I had forgotten the seller threw in the remainder for the price of one.

He appears to have some sweet morsel, perhaps a mouse, in his sights.

He dates from the 1950's and was part of a larger set that could be displayed together.

Beistle released an earlier version of these cats in the 1940's in similar poses, but trimmed them in red.


  1. Those are super cute and I have never seen them before so are they a bit rare?

    1. The green ones pop up on eBay regularly, but I don't see the red-trimmed ones very often and the prices reflect that.

  2. The earlier versions have a Warner Bros./MGM cartoon vibe to them.


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