Sunday, October 24, 2021

Dennisons to Die For

A couple more treasures I found at the flea market last year (same lady again) were these two large die cuts.  Each measures 16" across.  These are both made by Dennison and date from the 1950's or '60's.  Way back in 2015, I blogged about some place cards that had this same design.

This witch is spectacular.  Because of all the small parts that extend beyond the moon, this one is prone to bends, as seen on mine.

I would love to know more about the artists behind these die cuts, but alas, they were work-for-hire and no information was kept (to my knowledge) on who drew what.  I've always thought Halloween die cuts would make an excellent coffee table book.


  1. The witch is very cool - so detailed!

  2. Tom, and i'm 100% serious here: you should definitely pursue a coffee table book about them. you have a fantastic collection, and you know a lot about them.

    1. I wonder what kind of copyrights would remain on these after all these years.

    2. it might bear some looking in to. i would think if the companies are long gone, and not acquired by someone, perhaps they are in the public domain because they were not renewed, but i am not savvy in copyright law.


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