Thursday, October 7, 2021

Witch Diecut with (some) Crepe Hair

Another die cut from the lot I bought at this estate sale is this Beistle witch.  She probably dates from the 1960's.  

She too suffers from the years with creases and hair loss.  Pretty much like myself.
This newer version from the '70's or '80s shows what her hair should look like.  This is also a good example of how you can date these Beistle die cuts.  Note the brighter colors on the one below versus the deeper, darker colors of the above.  The eyes in the '60's version are green while in the later version they are purple.

Beistle also released what I consider a much more devious looking version in red and black.  This one probably predates mine and was probably manufactured in the 1950's.  While it's definitely similar, the features are much darker and scarier.


  1. Sigh - yes we all get wrinkles and gray hair as we age. She definitely has some big gnarly eyebrow too. Mine and his Lordship eyebrows are taking on a life of their own as the years pass.

  2. i currently have a single eyebrow hair that exceeds 2.5" long. it sticks out to the side of my head, straight as a cat's whisker. i have named it Gerald, and i'm hoping it's a sign of things to come. i want the wackiest, bushiest old man wizard eyebrows, that stick out past the brims of my hats, like Gandalf. more on topic, the red and black witch is awesome! i also prefer the 60s one, even though advances in printing techniques make the 70s colors punchier.

    1. I too have a few rogue eyebrow hairs that grow at an excessively rapid rate. I respect your desire to grow your eyebrows into record lengths, but they bother me too much so I always trim.

    2. well i say that NOW... it's aspirational. i only have one, and to be fair sometimes it droops and does tangle in my eyelashes, so who knows how i'll feel if they all did that. then again, i have mustache wax, and i'm not afraid to use it -- i'm sure it also works well to keep eyebrow hairs in line!

  3. Very cool, I don't think I have seen this one before.


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