Sunday, October 30, 2022

Garage Sale Haunts

I thought I'd do something a little different today.  Rather than showing you what I found at garage sales, I'll share what houses I saw while garage saling, specifically those decked out for the season.

Hopefully the pictures are large enough when clicked on to see the details (blogger seems to be having an issue with that the last couple years), because some of these are great.

This skeleton is about 10 feet tall.

I'm pretty sure the dummy in the middle just fell over, but it makes for a disturbing scene.

I had to look a couple times to see if that was a real person looking out at me.

This family went all out with pun-inspired vignettes. Very clever.

This family has a fortune in blowmolds on their lawn. I'd be afraid of someone stealing them.

I had taken photos of this display previously, but then lost the photos. Did you know if you delete photos on Google Photos, it actually goes into your phone and deletes them there as well? I didn't.  I do now.  But, I was able to swing back by there and was happy to find they had added a few more pieces.

These next photos aren't so much about the decorations, but just an example of the varied architecture and neighborhoods I visit when I garage and estate sale.  Plus the fall colors looked great today.  We're finally starting to turn in St. Louis.

Does your neighborhood decorate?  Do you?  Send some links in the comments to your decorations.


  1. Great pics! I actually saw that giant Werewolf around here. And I also like the way the person did those webs in the photo after the giant skeleton. Good fall vibes all around.

  2. those 10' tall Skellys cost a fortune. there must be another company making and selling them for cheaper now, because every year i see more and more of them. they sure are creepy. i do like the human-sized skeletons. I think the blow-mold yard is my favorite, because those are so hard to come by and that's quite a collection. we have several houses in our neighborhood that go all-out like in your photos, and our next door neighbor has always done it, too. we can't compete so we don't even try -- we go with a jack o'lantern and that's it.


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