Thursday, October 27, 2022

Kimple Haunted House

This 1970's Kimple Haunted House ceramic mold was an estate sale find this past summer. It was fairly cheap, so I picked it up.
It's not signed anywhere, but I'm sure it was a ceramics class project.

I've seen these with a Jack O' Lantern carved in the moon.  I'd prefer that to the smiling moon. A witch silouette would have been good too.

I used it to create a little scene as part of my decorations.  Here we find a pair of square dancers out trick or treating.

Coming upon the house, they contemplate knocking.

Unbenownst to them, someone else is watching them!

Oh no! LOOK OUT!

Phew! Frankie and Drac just wanted their candy.

Better luck next year kids.


  1. Phew I was worried for those square dancers. I thought their little porcelain heads might get smashed to bits.

    1. Well, they came close. Drac fell over yesterday and created a domino effect. Fortunately, there were no casualties.

  2. Cute piece, and love your little play. :)

    1. Thanks Joe. It kind of just evolved. I set up the haunted house. Then I added the Trick or Treaters. Then I saw my Frankenstein and Dracula figures and the wheels started turning.


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