Saturday, October 1, 2022

Halloween 2022 - It's My Bag, Baby, But I'm Running Out of Them

Yes, it's Halloween season once again and that means it's time for those things I've found in the past year that lean toward Halloween or the weird; it's time for "Garage Sale Finds" to transform into "Stranger Finds".

As always, I'll begin this year's offerings with a Trick-or-Treat bag.  Let me tell you, I'm running out of ones I haven't already posted.  I've had this one for a while, but I've yet to post it.

This bag dates from 1988 (which is 34 years ago, people!) and was given out at Michael's (which I didn't even know what a thing in 1988, but apparently has been around since 1973).  It features a scraggly, if not "scratch", cat astride a hollowed-out pumpkin.  Frankly, he looks a little strung out.

Of course, being from the '80's, it has a list of Safety "Tricks" for Trick-or-Treaters to follow.  As I did a couple years ago, let's review their advice.

  • Wear something reflective after dark. Ghosts and goblins need to be seen, take a flashlight along.
Excuse me, but the entire reason for dressing up on Halloween is to scare people.  Wearing reflective tape and waving a flashlight around is obviously going to hamper that ability.  Plus that reflective tape covers up your costume.  The Wolfman NEVER wore reflective tape.

  • Make sure you can see through your mask O.K.
I presume they mean that as in make sure you can see through your mask sufficiently that you don't fall on your face rather than the question, "Make sure you can see through your mask, okay????"

  • Confine your trick-or-treating to your neighborhood.
I grew up on a small rural street.  There were maybe 10 houses that participated (and most houses did participate).  So I never had the huge bags of treats the other kids at school would tell tales of the next day at recess.  I always wanted to trick-or-treat at the larger nearby subdivisions, but my mom made me stay on my street; not out of any safety concerns, she just thought it was unfair to trick-or-treat in other peoples' neighborhoods.

  • Go in a group of your friends.
Again, on my small street, there weren't other kids to go with.  My first trick-or-treat outing was when I was in First grade and I went with my sister and her friends. The next year, she trick-or-treated with a friend in her friend's neighborhood (wait, why couldn't I trick-or-treat in other neighborhoods, but my sister could???) so my mom took me around.  After that, I was on my own, roaming the streets alone.  Let me tell you, it was pretty desolate, but people still had treats on hand, even if they had to dig in the refrigerator drawer for an apple.  But being alone at night wandering in the dark was exciting and added to the wonder of Halloween.

  • Don't accept rides from strangers
There wasn't much chance of that.  I don't think I ever saw a car drive by back then.  These days, you'd get run down walking on the street where I grew up.

  • Don't go into the house. Wait outside for your treat
We always went inside houses.  Sometimes the homeowner even took a picture of you. It was an innocent time. Not to say there weren't weirdos back then, but that never entered your mind and in all likelihood, it was in fact innocent.  I would love to see those photos now.

  • Ask Mom & Dad to go along. Have them inspect your treats before eating them.
As I said earlier, my mom went one year.  And there was no way my dad would have ever gone.  There was no concern letting your kid run wild on Halloween. I usually didn't eat my treats while I was out only because I wanted to savor what I had. Once I got home, there was no inspection other than what kind of candy did I get and what order should I eat it in.  3 Musketeers first because they were so much fluff. To make them last longer, I would eat the chocolate outside first, then the fluff. Milky Ways would come next. Snickers were saved for last.  Wax lips and teeth might go in my mouth for a look in the mirror, but then came out and stayed in the bucket.  I never liked chewing on wax.  Weeks later, you might find a lone piece of Pal chewing gum that had turned rock hard, rolling around in my Trick-or-Treat bucket, although that didn't stop me from attempting to chew it.

  • You have more fun when you play it safe
But you make more memories when you don't.

Happy October, everyone!  Stay tuned for daily posts and be sure to head over to The Countdown for more Fun-Sized treats!


  1. Was this supposed to double as a trick-or-treat bag? No handle opening on the bag (unless its obscured), and if you cut out the coupon, there goes the bottom. Major design flaws there for an arts and crafts retailer.

    1. It's hard to see, but there is a place to punch out a handle. And on the coupon, there's an additional seal above, so if you tear the coupon off at the perforation, you're still good.

  2. Looking forward to your finds....Have a great Countdown!

    1. Thanks, DF. I'll be following your blog and hope you have a great Countdown too!

  3. The eighties was the decade of backlash against Halloween driven by fundamental religion. Perhaps safety reasons were used as an excuse . Big retailers had no interest in seeing it go so I guess they jumped on the safety bandwagon.

    1. I was done trick-or-treating by 1980, so fortunately I missed out on that safety nonsense. Although, I do recall the apple razor scare, but it never phased me or my parents.

  4. I don't know when I first knew of Michael's, it was just kind of there, suddenly. Fun bag, I like the sort of wacky art.

    As for trick or treating, when we were kids I never remember a parent going along with us. My older sister and cousin, but then it was just us kids.

    1. Yeah, same for me (re: Michael's). The first time I recall going to one was to buy paint brushes probably in the early 90's.

  5. "Go in a group of your friends." Don't tell me who I can and can't Trick or Treat with!

  6. looking forward to this year's collection, Tom! i had no idea Michael's was so old, either -- maybe they were small and regional for awhile.


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