Sunday, October 16, 2022

Haunted Cookie Jar

 You might ask, what's a cookie jar have to do with Halloween? Well, what if...


It's been a thing on eBay for quite some time now for people to list things as "haunted".  Mainly it's dolls and stuffed animals.  I don't know if the people that buy these items actually believe there are that many possessed dolls out there, or just something they buy as a gag.  And while I love a paranormal story as much as the next person (yes, I'm addicted to those shows about ghosts, Bigfoot, Mothman, El Chupacabra, etc.), I can honestly say after bringing home literally thousands of items from estate and garage sales, including this cookie jar, I've never had any strange phenomena occur in my house.  I'll also say, this is the first (and only) time I've seen the "haunted" tactic used on an item at an estate sale and I'll admit it caught my attention.

Despite the ominous warning, this is a cute little cookie jar depicting a red-roofed schoolhouse with a couple of pixies hanging out in the windows.  Okay, maybe that is a little bizarre.

People refer to these as "Gilner" elves or pixies.  Gilner was a California pottery company famous for their ceramic elves in the 1950's.  I've even posted previously about this pair of elves, although I'm not sure those are Gilner either.

If the haunted angle isn't enough to justify this as a Halloween post, I will add that pixies, sprites and elves have long been associated with Halloween as evidenced by these postcards.

We're officially into the last half of October, but it's not too late to visit some new haunts over at the Countdown to Halloween.


  1. That roof looks like a Pizza Hut/Taco Bell mash-up.

  2. Well that is a fun find. Nothing is ever haunted for me either - just for other people. I have never associated Halloween with pixies and elves so thanks for enlightening me.

  3. i agree that it looks like a Pizza Hut roof, lol. the whole "haunted item" thing is so ridiculous to me. what the kids really mean is "creepy" or "unsettling," but oh well, "haunted" it is and here we are. Not sure what the pixies have to do with school, unless it's some reference to the little kids being mischievous or something.

  4. Great find! Love that cookie jar. And all the vintage art.


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