Wednesday, October 26, 2022


I believe we're all familiar with the "Groucho Nose" glasses gag. They've been around for years, in fact since the 1940's. But did you know their proper name is "Beaglepuss"?  The Topstone company marketed them simply as "Schnoz".

I took numerous photos of the Topstone logo before I realized it's actually printed blurry on the card:

Topstone was known for their latex masks, a few of which I blogged about previously.

While these style glasses are clearly mimicking Groucho Marx's stage makeup (which I thought was real when I was a kid), I don't believe he ever made any money off of them.

The prop has been used countless times in television shows and movies.  For me, I'll always remember them as the "GM-2020" from the "Eerie, Indiana" episode "Just Say No to Fun".  

Does anyone else remember "Eerie, Indiana"? It was a fun little show that had trouble finding an audience.  It was more sophisticated than a kids' show, but sillier than a typical adult show.  Episode below if you care to watch. Womp bomp-a-do-domp!


  1. "Beaglepuss"?? How did Groucho feel about that, i wonder? i'm glad that term never caught on!

    1. "Schnoz" is only slightly better. I wonder if Groucho ever wore a pair as a gag.

  2. Wow those schnoz glasses are some powerful magic.

  3. Funny, I had no clue either! Wonder if he ever pondered a lawsuit? LOL


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