Thursday, October 20, 2022

Hanging Skeleton

I found this lone skeleton over the summer. He's marked Hong Kong and looks like something that would have been handed out at carnivals in the '70's.

It reminded me of this.
Then just last weekend, I was at a sale and found this among some newer Hallloween decoration.

It was only a dollar, so of course I picked it up. I love vintage packaging.

"Not recommended for children under 3 years old".  Because it will SCARE THEM TO DEATH!

They still sell these as Halloween gifts (in a smaller size in variety packs) at Party City.  I've handed them out over the years in addition to candy. I think getting a toy in addition to a candy bar makes for memorable Trick or Treating. It was always something I liked when I Trick or Treated.


  1. His face is something out of a Picasso painting - very weird. I won't be giving toys except to my nieghbor kids who have a big booty bag coming. But I will give full size candy bars.

    1. He does that that 2 eyes on one side of the skull thing going on. I agree, it is odd. We have our full-sized candy bars stocked along with an emergency bag of the fun-sized just in case we run out.

    2. i remember this skeleton well. never cared for it because of the 2-eyes-on-same-side-of-head thing. you're right, though -- it really IS Picasso-like, which makes me appreciate it a bit more. he's not only in place, but in time, turning his little skeleton head to look at you!

      i have vowed for decades now to plan ahead and buy foam rocks to give out to kids, but now i don't know if anyone would get the joke, and i'm not sure i'd be able to secretly toss them in bags while also giving out candy. kids are VERY laser-like in their focus, and they see everything you do when you are the one handing out candy. we've never given out full-sized bars, but that's also something that would be good to do.

      sadly, last year we had ONE trick or treater. not sure if we'll get any this year or not. there's a slightly nicer neighborhood a handful of blocks away that has organized a HUGE neighborhood safe zone for treating, even to the point where the city lets them block off the streets to car traffic, so it gloms all the kids in the area. we hates it, Precious, oh yes we does.

    3. >there's a slightly nicer neighborhood a handful of blocks away that has organized a HUGE neighborhood safe zone for treating

      Boooo!!!! I'm not a fan of the organized Trick or Treating, Trunk or Treat, etc.

      We did pretty well last year, but not as many kids as previous years. We took a walk last night in our subdivision and there weren't many houses decorated. I'm hoping that picks up this weekend.

    4. yeah, i hate them all too. but this is only "organized" in the sense that the close off the streets to cars so kids can roam on foot, it's lots of older homes, so it looks appropriately spooky, and almost every house in the area goes full-in on the decorating (like you do). i am only against this because it bleeds the surrounding neighborhoods dry of kids, and i'm slightly jealous they have such a good setup. but they are wealthier area, they have pull and can do it consistently every year.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Joe. Yeah, I suspect they didn't realize the age.


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