Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Honeycomb Hitchhiker

Way back in 2014 during my first year in the Countdown to Halloween, I posted about these Honeycomb cereal box cutout records.

This past year, I came across 2 more.  One I had before ("Miser's Gold"), but the other was new to me, "The Hitchhiker".

Not to be confused with the 1980's cable television series, this story is about a driver who comes upon a shivering girl standing in the middle of the road one dark night. The girl tells him she has just been in an accident and asks him to take her home. Giving her a ride home and noticing she looks exhausted, he leaves her in the car, walks to the front door and rings the doorbell hoping someone can help her inside.  An older woman answers the door and asks him to not say a word but to just follow her...  Okay, I won't spoil the ending, but you probably already know what happens.  It's a variation of the "Lavender" story in "Strangely Enough" that I blogged about back in 2013.

You can listen to the record below.

As I mentioned, these records were printed on Post Honeycomb cereal boxes in the early 1970's as a premium.  Yes, cereal used to be so much cooler.

Honeycomb had a couple other Halloween-inspired records in the 70's.

All of these records are available to listen to on Youtube.


  1. Yes, cereal and the 'freebies' used to be a lot cooler. Fun finds, and quite the nostalgic flashback.

  2. Just what I was talking about three days ago--Doesn't that cereal box stand out with those clean, simple graphics? Even that unnecessarily large notice doesn't distract as much as it would on modern-day packaging.

    I remember getting cereal box records featuring The Archies. Some of them had a spot to place a coin to keep them from skipping. Seemed like the apex of technology to a preschooler.

    1. I'm with you, Top Cat. I dislike the design (or redesign) of current day cereal boxes not to mention their mascots.
      I have some of those Archie cereal box records as well as Bobby Sherman and The Jackson 5.
      I remember putting a dime on my Burger Chef Monster flexidiscs to keep them from slipping on the turntable.


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