Thursday, October 27, 2022

Hang for Freat

This was actually a thrift store find.  I knew it wasn't terribly old, but it's getting harder and  harder to come by blow mold pieces these days and its hair plus pink eyes sold it to me.


I found a photo of it in its original packaging on eBay.  It's called "Horrible Skull".  The package header is almost better than the piece.

It also has the phrase "Hang for Freat" on it.  The Urban Dictionary defines "freat" as a contraction of "freaking sweet".  I'm not sure "Hang for Freaking Sweet" makes any more sense.  But it is kinda freat.


  1. man, i agree: that hang card is awesome. the typo elevates it to sublime.

  2. The art looks like something from a 70s metal album. Maybe from The Freats. ;)

  3. The hair is so funny. It's a freat alright.


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