Thursday, October 6, 2022

Ten Thousand and One Grimaces

No, not that purple monstrosity that loves McDonald's shakes.  These:

The above isn't mine. I only found this lone Grimace:

I remember seeing these in dime stores and tourist shops when I was a kid.

The back has holes for your fingers to contort the face even further.

The faces came in several designs:

They were also marketed as "Flexi Face":

Wait, this isn't Halloweeny enough for you? Okay, how about I throw in this Frankenstein Grimace I found just a couple weeks ago?

I'm not sure if this is an official "Grimace", but I like it. I wonder if there were any other monster grimaces.


  1. That Frankenstein with his one tooth is adorable.

  2. i never knew what these were called. they are such a weird toy. i want them to have hats and bodies of some sort, like they are a puppet starter kit. the one with the mustache is great!


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